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Captain America is always supposed to do the right thing – but these memes caught some bad calls that he made.
The world originally met Captain America in 1941. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the Captain soon became a favorite of comic book fans all over the world. With his unfailing devotion to his country, along with his super strength, Captain America has spent his history fighting fascists and defeating bad guys all over the world in the name of freedom.
Although Marvel created him as a patriotic symbol during World War II, Captain America continued to capture the imaginations of fans way after that. Marvel even gave him his own movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, in 2011. Although that film intended to set up the concept of the Avengers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America became one of the more popular members of that particular team.
In that movie, Steve Rogers becomes a super soldier after undergoing an experimental treatment. He then goes on to fight with the Allies in World War II, although his last mission has his plane crashing into the icy waters of the Arctic ocean. It isn’t until 70 years later that his frozen body gets excavated and Nick Fury realizes that he is still alive. Rogers wakes up in the modern world with Fury getting him up to speed on everything before asking him to join the Avengers to help save the world from those who would destroy it.
Rogers is as straight edge as it comes, which leads to a lot of humor in future movies, although he doesn’t really make a lot of sense.
Here are 25 Memes That Show Captain America Makes No Sense.
Captain America has been around for a really long time, so he has definitely seen some things. He had boots on the ground in World War II and was one of the reasons that the Allies won the war against the Axis (and against Hydra and Red Skull).
If Captain America needed to write a paper on World War II, he doesn’t need Wikipedia.
He is, quite literally, his own source of information. It is likely, however, that no one will believe anything about the Tesseract or the weird magic that it possesses.
Captain America never actually signed up for the actual military. Instead, he agreed to let the military experiment on him, which turned him into a super strong superhero.
He never rose through the ranks of any of the branches of the military, which means that he, essentially, never had an actual rank.
Yet, everyone calls him a captain, although he isn’t.
Then there’s poor Captain Jack Sparrow, who never gets called a captain, when he is, in fact, the actual captain of a pirate ship. That doesn’t make any kind of sense.
Captain America is an old-fashioned religious man from another time. He believes in one God – but here’s the thing, he actually knows that there are other gods, because he has met them.
Both Thor and Loki are gods in their own right. In spite of knowing actual other gods, though, Steve Rogers insists that there still is only one real God, which doesn’t make sense.
In his defense, though, Thor and Loki are alien gods, so maybe they don’t count in Rogers’ very linear mind. That’s the kind of faith that most humans would aspire to.
Captain America has a very impressive shield made of the toughest material known on the planet, vibranium. This is why he can fling his shield at pretty much anything and it never gets dented or damaged.
That vibranium shield is the strongest shield on the planet, but it does not explain why the paint on his shield seems equally indestructible.
Let’s ask that question: what exactly is that paint made of? Because that paint is as strong as vibranium, and yet it never gets mentioned ashaving similar properties.
Every Marvel fan on Earth got excited when Spider-Man finally got to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, every fan got really excited to see Spider-Man for the first time in an MCU film. That movie, though, was Captain America: Civil War.
Although the movie was about Captain American, and his feud with Iron-Man over the Sokovia Accords, Spider-Man actually got a lot more attention for his appearance in that movie. Ouch, that burns.
As we all know, Spider-Man sells newspapers and headlines with Spider-Man in them are what people want to see.
After Captain America and Iron-Man fell out over the Sokovia Accords, the two lost touch. Captain America put away his shield, much to the distress of fans everywhere. He no longer felt that he could fight under the shield because it represented everything he didn’t believe in. Who can blame him?
Then he ran off to Wakanda because he needed to find himself and was a fugitive from the government.
When Thanos struck and Tony needed to find Steve, maybe he deployed Find My Friends.
Steve wildly opposed the Sokovia Accords, which is what led to the Civil War in the Marvel cinematic universe. However, the Avengers needed to set aside their differences when Thanos attacked Earth because it was going to take the whole team to take him down – and they still didn’t manage to do that!
Steve, who is probably still bitter over the conflict, would definitely respond to Tony calling him like this.
He can’t join the Avengers again because it goes against the Sokovia Accords. Looks like Team Iron Man didn’t think that through very well.
Captain America has a very old-fashioned set of moral codes that he chooses to live by. He doesn’t drink or curse or do pretty much anything that the other Avengers do in their down time. One of the things he’s known for most is telling Tony to watch his language – even in the most dire of situations.
On the other hand, is Tony really in any position to rib Cap for something as minor as being a prude when Tony has created a robot bent on exterminating humanity?
Captain America’s uniform is one of the most patriotic things about him. He doesn’t go anywhere without his red, white, and blue suit, which represents to the good old U.S. of A. Or does it?
Take a closer look at the suit’s actual design.
Yes, the colors scream America, but the actual design of the suit looks like the flag of a completely different country – albeit one that is technically part of the U.S. Captain America’s suit looks like the Puerto Rican flag, so maybe he is actually Captain Puerto Rico?
Captain America spent 70 years of his life frozen in the ocean. He definitely has a lot to catch up on, including watching movies, reading books, watching television and listening to music. This meme makes sense, but Cap doesn’t, because he’s assuming that the music he’s listening to are by acts that no one else has heard of – maybe because they’re from a different era than the one he currently lives in.
Whatever the case, Tony would totally tell Steve to learn how to Google stuff, because Steve is pretty clueless on a lot of things, including music.
When Steve and Tony start arguing over the Sokovia Accords, all bets are off. The insults start flying and Steve actually tells Tony, more or less, that he is nothing without his Iron Man suit of armor. That’s his argument, although it doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Steve wasn’t always Captain America: he was once just a scrawny boy who couldn’t even get into the military.
It wasn’t until he got shot full up on experimental serum that he became Captain America. Tony is reminding him of that.
Although it was previously determined that Captain America was never actually really a captain, that’s what everyone calls him – even those in the military. Maybe by default that makes him a captain, but that would mean that he has held that rank for a really long time.
Another veteran might wonder why he never moved up, especially as he’s still going by that military ranking and letting people call him Captain.
Anyone in the military for a long time would have moved up in rank, especially after so much time, but poor Steve is stuck at Captain forever.
Although Captain America has a real name, Steve Rogers, almost everyone just calls him Captain America, save for maybe his closest friends. That would make Captain his first name and America his last name. When he sneezes, it would make sense that someone would utter the words “God bless America.” Which is pretty funny, although Steve would probably make the face Kermit is making here.
Has you considered that people would probably say this to him a lot?
It’s probably a good thing that Captain America never actually gets sick and that no one has ever seen him sneeze.
Kids learn a lot about history in the classroom, but a lot of what they learn probably doesn’t get retained. It’s just really hard to remember everything read about in a textbook. Kids are much more likely to remember things that happened in history from the movies, because that leaves more of a lasting mark.
May 16, 2016 is the release date of Captain America: Civil War.
When a child gets asked by a teacher about the date of the beginning of the civil war, that kid is not going to think about the actual civil war, but the one they learned about at the movies.
Captain America and Bucky share a really special bond. In the first Captain America movie, Steve was all about joining the military like his best friend and ends up doing so and risking his life to save that friend. In The Winter Soldier, Steve actually went up against S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect his friend – although granted, Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. In Captain America: Civil War, Steve took the side of his friend over the Avengers, putting him at odds with the team of superheroes.
Next up? Captain America will probably destroy the world for Bucky. Yeah, that totally makes sense.
Here we go again: another meme about the special relationship that Bucky and Steve have.
Steve will literally do anything for Bucky, even things he might have once thought were completely wrong.
This intense bond is unheard even for MCU couples, but Steve is just that kind of guy. Captain America will tell 117 countries on Earth that they’re wrong because he wants to protect Bucky. That’s exactly what happened in Captain America: Civil War.
Steve even went up against the Avengers to protect Bucky – although granted, he was right about Bucky and the Accords in the end.
One of the biggest controversies in Marvel comics history was the weird plot that happened in the comic books where readers learned that Captain America was never on their side at all, but was, in fact, a member of Hydra. This rocked the world of comics in a way that nothing before it had.
This meme taps into the absolute nonsense that Marvel expected fans to buy into.
If Captain America is Hydra, then Deadpool hates chimichangas and Batman shot his own parents. That’s just how bizarre the Hydra Cap storyline was.
What is it with superheroes wearing costumes that are not in line with weather all over the world? How can you save the world if you can’t visit a country bordering the equator without breaking out into sweat and passing out from the heat because you’re wearing 20 layers?
Yes, Captain America is a superhero, but how could he handle the hot temperatures of a place like Nigeria in that get-up? He needs to invest in a tank top and shorts. It’s not like he needs the suit for protection or anything, right?
One might think that Captain America is straight edge. He comes from a time when morality was very specific and he often chides the other Avengers about things such as their language. Even though he personally knows two gods, he still only believes in one very different god. He doesn’t drink and he doesn’t smoke.
When it comes to steroids, well, that’s a different story, because steroids are basically what turned the scrawny Steve Rogers into Captain America. Maybe it’s fine because it’s for patriotic reasons?
Robert Downey Jr. is an actor not known just for his role as Iron Man, but also widely known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the movies. On the other hand, fellow Avenger, Doctor Strange, aka actor Benedict Cumberbatch, is also known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes on television.
There are two Sherlock Holmes guys running around in the Avengers.
It’s probably a sore subject for Tony Stark (Downey), though, especially if someone like Steve Rogers tells him he’s not the best Sherlock out there. Maybe this is what really caused their civil war.
The Iron Man movies always featured really good superhero characters, including War Machine and Black Widow. Those movies were entertaining enough, but the one thing they really lacked were really good villains. The villains in those movies just aren’t all that strong and are generally the one thing that critics and fans often complain about when it comes to Iron Man movies.
The tides turned in Captain America: Civil War, because Iron Man finally got a decent villain – a great one, in fact. Except that his villain was Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.
In Captain America: The First Avenger, fans met Steve Rogers for the first time on film. Steve Rogers was a scrawny boy from Brooklyn with a heart of gold who gets chosen for a special experimental program that turns him into Captain America.
As Captain America, Steve decides that he must go out and fight the bad guys, because that’s what heroes do. He does just that and helps America defeat them, only to crash a plane into an icy ocean, where he, quite literally, chilled out for 70 years.
Before Chris Evans became Captain America, he was a completely different hero in the Marvel universe. He was actually the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, a movie many Marvel fans (and Marvel itself) would hope to forget. That doesn’t change the fact that Marvel sort of decided that the Human Torch would eventually become Captain America.
Marvel fans can’t unsee the Fantastic Four when they see Evans as Captain America, no matter how hard they try.
What would be even weirder, though, is if Evans goes back to do another Fantastic Four movie, essentially reverting back to the Human Torch.
Steve Rogers was a skinny kid from Brooklyn who was way too good for the world around him.
He was awkward and scrawny, and anyone who looked at him probably thought he would never get a date.
Then he got pumped full of some special experimental serum in a government facility that turned him into the bulked-up, muscular, gorgeous Captain America.
Yeah, that guy is definitely going to get a date. He’s going to get a lot of dates. Well, that is, if he doesn’t crash his plane into the icy ocean first.
It’s already kind of sad that Spider-Man stole the show in Captain America: Civil War- a movie that was supposed to belong to Captain America. But it was the first appearance of the webbed wonder in the Marvel cinematic universe, so fans forgave that (and were excited to see him).
Then Spider-Man had to go and fight against Captain America, and in one scene, he literally steals the Cap’s shield like the little punk he is. Here’s how that headline might read: “Spider Thief Steals America’s Shield.”

What else doesn’t make sense about Captain America? Share your thoughts in the comments!
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