AANES hands over ISIS women and 2 children to Barbados – ANHA … – ANHA

According to Foreign Relations Department of North and East Syria on Monday, January 9, 2023, a delegation from the State of Barbados visited North and East Syria, headed by the Deputy Head of Consular Affairs in the country, Andre Badmore.
The delegation was received by the deputy co-chair of the Department, Fanar al-Kait, the member of the administrative Body of the department, Khaled Ibrahim, the member of Women’s Protection Units YPJ office, Lana Hussein, and a deputy in the Women’s Body, Hwaida Muhammad Salim Muhammad. The meeting focused on the situation in Syria and the need to resolve the crisis in accordance with United Nations Resolution 2254, and the humanitarian, economic and security situation in the region.

For his part, al-Kait touched on the Autonomous Administration’s adoption of the national dialogue, and the rapprochement between the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation state, and the Turkish occupation’ threats and its continuous attacks on Syrian territory, which contributes to “the return of terrorism again.”
He also referred to the economic and humanitarian consequences of closing the Tal Koçer crossing, which he considered that unfair to millions of Syrians.
Al-Kait stressed that the Autonomous Administration will continue to cooperate with Barbados, and all countries that have citizens and children in the regions of North and East Syria.
In turn, Andre Padmore said, “We share the pain, suffering, and loss that peoples of North and East Syria suffered in these years, and we hope that you will continue your struggle and work with your forces for the sake of humanity.”
He thanked the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces for fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole world, and for helping them in return of Barbados’s citizens.
At the end of the meeting, a woman and 2 children from the families of ISIS mercenaries were handed over, according to an official handover document between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the state of Barbados.
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