Abba Kyari: Police officer reply US court say dem 'no demand any money from Hushpuppi' – BBC News

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Raymond 'Hushpuppi' Abbas and Abba Kyari
Nigeria police officer, Abba Kyari don deny allegation wey say im collect money from Raymond 'Hushpuppi' Abbas wey dey face prosecution for United States.
Di US Department of Justice (DoJ) say dem arrest three Nigerians for America wey epp Raymond 'Hushpuppi' Abbas tiff over $1.1m for wire fraud operation.
Inside statement wey di DoJ release on 28 July, dem say Hushpuppi confess to di crime of money laundering and oda offence wey relate to Business Email Compromise (BEC) Schemes.
Also, dem allege say Hushpuppi bribe Abba Kyari wey be Assistant Commissioner of Police for Nigeria to arrest im fellow associate Kelly Chibuzo Vincent wey be 40 years old.
Di DoJ document reveal say dis na afta Vincent try to expose di operation and inform di alleged victim wetin dem dey do to am.
"According to di affidavit, Kyari na highly decorated deputy commissioner of di Nigeria Police Force wey dey alleged to have arranged for Vincent to be arrested and jailed at Abbas' behest, and den send di photographs of Vincent after im arrest to Abbas.
"Kyari also allegedly send Abbas bank account details for an account into which Abbas fit deposit payment for Vincent arrest and imprisonment," di US court statement tok.
But Abba Kyari deny di allegation say im no collect money from Hushpuppi.
Di allegation against Abba Kyari na based on fact wey Hushpuppi present to court as part of im Affidavit for im wire fraud case.
Reacting to di allegations through statement wey him post on social media, di ogbonge Police officer confirm say true-true Hushpuppi contact am – but na purely on professional basis sake of say Vincent bin issue death threat.
Kyari say Police later release Vincent afta dia investigation reveal say im dey innocent.
"Friends: Abbas wey we later come to know as Hushpuppi call our office about 2-years ago say somebody for Nigeria Seriously threaten to kill im Family here for Nigeria and e send di pesin phone number and beg say make we take action before di pesin attack im family.
"We trace arrest di Suspect and afta investigations we discover nobody threaten anybody and say two of dem na long time friends wey get money problem. We later release di suspect on bail.
"Nobody demand for a kobo from Abbas Hushpuppi. Our focus na to Save pipo lives. We only respond to distress call," Abba Kyari tok.
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