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President, Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN), Victor Okhai, musician, Mike Nliam, Vice President, Association of Movie Producer of Nigeria, Amb Queen Blessing Ebigieson, President emeritus, Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria, Zik Zulu, and Julius Osumah, MD/CEO Mediabxng at the inaugural producers and directors meet-up organised by Mediabxng in Lagos recently
A Lagos-based media marketing company, Mediabxng, and Washington DC, US-based entertainment outfit, R&R Entertainment have sealed a deal to create a synergy that will help Nigerian producers and directors reach a wider audience internationally and secure better funding for their productions.
The partnership was announced at the inaugural Mediabxng producers and directors meet-up held at Rhapsody in Ikeja, Lagos.
Attendees included a former president of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria (AMPN), Zik Zulu; Vice President of the association, Queen Blessing Ebigieson; President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria, Victor Okhai; Director, SuperScreen TV, IK Osazuwa; veteran Nollywood actor and producer, Sonny McDon-W and Frederick Atigogo.
At the event, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mediabxng, Julius Osumah, said the Nigerian movie industry, widely known as Nollywood, “is in a state of need, malnourishment and lack of support, further fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, unsatisfactory support structures from the government and insecurity.”
“We simply want to create a win-win gateway to multiple streaming platforms across Europe and America. The purpose is to help producers and directors get their movies on international platforms at a deserved price with the recognition and, above all, the much- needed continued reward based on growth, usage and reach,” he added.
In a video message delivered from the United States, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of R&R Entertainment, Robert Ross Esq, stated that the partnership with Mediabxng would offer all aspiring producers, directors and writers synchronised and licensing opportunities to showcase their work and creative process to all video-streaming platforms and digital service providers in the states.
“R&R Entertainment PLLC, is a boutique entertainment firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and London. Our approach and relationships allow your work to be seen and protected while being shopped for possible placement and/ or purchased via the entities we have access to. I look forward to seeing all the hard work that you’ve toiled and made to show the masses,” he said.


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