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Shockingly, India drops back into the poverty line and overtakes Nigeria as the globe’s poverty nation with 83 million Indian living below the poverty line, while on the other side, wealthy Indians only get richer.  There are two India whose lines of demarcations are getting more defined over time.
The reality is India’s state of poverty is something often denied by the Indian government, cloaking it with incessant ED raids on the Center’s opponents and Opposition parties in attempting to secure a reputation for “dealing with black money”.  However, the black money abroad is Swiss banks is only increasing.
Harsh reality of 2 Indias 👇
❇️ India overtakes Nigeria as the world’s poverty capital
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The Press Freedom Index and Global Hunger Index which has set out on its way to becoming ‘Vishwaguru’ under the Modi regime, India has now become the poverty capital of the world overtaking Nigeria.
According to the news published in Business Insider Africa, till now the African country Nigeria was considered to be the poverty capital of the world with the highest number of poor.
Recent fresh data from the World Poverty Clock(WPC) has shown that India has overtaken Nigeria. According to new figures, India now has 83 million people living below the UN’s estimated poverty line in 2022.
In Nigeria currently, 70 million people are living in extreme poverty, representing 33 percent of its’s over 200 million people.
In 2018, Nigeria held the position with about 87 million people in extreme poverty, compared with India’s 73 million.
India and Nigeria have the largest share of the world’s poor population which is 12.2% each. In Nigeria 8,30,05,482 are below poverty line whereas in India this number is 8,30,68,597.
According to the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report of the year 2020, 189.2 million people in India were malnourished at that time.
According to the news published in YKA, every year 2.5 million people in India lose their lives due to starvation. India has 27.5 points in the report of the Global Hunger Index in the year 2021, which shows a very bad situation.
A recent report released by Center for Science and Environment (CSE) and Down To Earth magazine says that 7 out of 10 Indians are unable to afford nutritious food.
Inflation is increasing day by day and especially in food items. In the past year, consumer food price index (CFPI) inflation — or food prices — has seen a 327% rise. Whereas the Consumer Price Index (CPI) – which includes the CFPI – has seen an increase of 84%. Unemployment and the effects of the pandemic have pushed many families into extreme poverty.
The Indian Rupee has reached its lowest ebb ever. Now the value of one dollar is about 80 rupees. Market experts say that the crisis may still deepen.
Over the last decade, India, under the policies of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh lifted 271 million out of poverty from 2006 to 2016 at the fastest rate globally.  The economic reforms of Manmohan Singh especially with the scheme of MGNREGA eradicated starvation.  People in rural areas remember that the poor did not go to sleep hungry in those times and daily meals were ensured.  Moreover, farmers and small traders were not crushed by harsh capitalistic schemes such as in the Modi government.
Here is a video Desh Neeti sharing the same:

It is clearly seen that the wealthier got richer over the last few years, while poverty increased. The biggest trigger to this was demonetization while experts name COVID-19 as the main culprit for the economic crash and conveniently ignore demonetization
Indian billionaires saw their combined fortunes more than double during the Covid-19 pandemic, and their count shot up by 39 percent to 142, while the wealth of the ten richest is enough to fund school and higher education of children in the country for 25 years, a new study showed on Monday.
On wealth inequality, the Oxfam report further said that 142 Indian billionaires collectively own wealth of USD 719 billion (over Rs 53 lakh crore), while the richest 98 of them now have the same wealth as the poorest 55.5 crore people in the bottom 40 percent (USD 657 billion or nearly Rs 49 lakh crore).
The study urged the government to revisit its primary sources of revenue generation, adopting more progressive methods of taxation and assessing the structural issues that permit such wealth accumulation by the rich.
Additionally, the government should also redirect revenue towards health, education and social security, treating them as universal rights and as a means of reducing inequality, thereby avoiding the privatization model for these sectors, Oxfam said. “We call upon the government to redistribute India’s wealth from the super-rich to generate resources for the majority by reintroducing the wealth tax and to generate revenue to invest in the education and health of future generations by imposing a temporary one percent surcharge on the rich for health and education,” it said.
It must be recalled that the global recession in 2008 never hit India but the 2021 world crisis pushed 83 million Indians below the poverty line and the two India, the rich and the poor is emerging into a serious situation.  Unless the government admits there is a crisis, things will only get worse.

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