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The Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria (PAN) has decried the current state of insecurity in the country, especially killings in Kaduna, Plateau, Zamfara, Katsina and Niger States by bandits and Boko Haram insurgents.
The group said the trend has become bad that Nigerians no longer sleep with their eyes closed.
In the press statement made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday and signed by PAN National media director, Emmanuel Ohiomokhare, said against the idea of a one Nigeria which was propagated by the founding fathers of our great nation, there is now a tilt more towards ethnicity and tribal sentiments, which have sometimes resorted to conflicts.
“We now hear and see many Nigerians migrating from places where they once lived happily to other parts of the country just to save their lives. This situation has not only become worrisome but tragic for a nation that was once the leader in the African continent and has all the potential to be a global leader in politics, governance and economy.”
In the statement, the group said it has joined Nigerians to demand the following:
Condemn the spate of insecurity in the country which has claimed thousands of lives. This insecurity has become unbearable in all parts of the country. Nigeria, which was a relatively peaceful country has now become a haven for all kinds of criminality.
The Progressive Ambassadors of Nigeria will want to specifically mention the killings in Plateau, Kaduna, Niger, Katsina and Zamfara States which is gradually taking the form of genocide. These killings have gone from mere criminal acts to a massacre. PAN condemns the acts of these bandits and tribal murderers who have made the states quite ungovernable and put citizens in perpetual fear.
It is quite obvious that the situation in Plateau and Kaduna in particular have become thoroughly bothersome and it is spiraling out of control. There is already a mass exodus of residents from these states. PAN therefore calls on the President, Muhammadu Buhari to immediately declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY in these two states to restore peace and sanity. This is extremely important as the developments in these states have gone beyond the powers of the democratically elected executives and must be brought under control. State of Emergency rule has proven in the past to restore peace and stability in states.
To commend the Nigerian media for its doggedness and objectivity in reporting the issues so far. However, PAN notes that the media has not been comprehensive in its reports as we have noticed a whole lot of under-reporting of the situation in many of the troubled spots of the country. We urge the media to remain steadfast to its ethics and professionalism. The media should not under any circumstances allow itself to be coerced or muzzled. We also urge the media not to be tempted by any enticement that may be dangled by forces of evil that want to see the disintegration of Nigeria.
Ohiomokhare said; “PAN is unequivocally committed to the unity and prosperity of Nigeria. We pray that God will give the leaders at all levels the wisdom to steer the ship from these troubled times to a time when every Nigerian will be proud of the country. We believe it is POSSIBLE Indeed, a new Nigeria is possible,” he said.
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© 2020 Leadership Newspaper
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