Kidnappers Kill 5,800 Nigerians In 6 Months, Abducted 1,344 In June Only— Report –

Also, 1,344 persons were kidnapped in June, 474 in May, 406 in April, 605 in March, 709 in February and 405 in January.
A project of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Africa program, Nigeria Security Tracker (NST), says there has been reported 5,800 deaths, while 2,943 people were kidnapped in the first half of 2021 in Nigeria.
According to the NST, the data revealed that kidnappers who are bandits, Boko Haram terrorists, killer Fulani herders and ritualists averagely killed 32 persons per day while they abducted 17 people per day between January and June this year.

This was revealed at the weekend by a data consulting firm, StatiSense stating that the Northern Nigeria recorded 4,490 deaths, while the Southern part of the country had 1,310.
The data gave a monthly breakdown of the sad occurrences with May recording the highest number of deaths at 1,045, April had 1,032 and June with 1,011. Others are 958, 879 and 875 for January, February and March respectively.
Also, 1,344 persons were kidnapped in June, 474 in May, 406 in April, 605 in March, 709 in February and 405 in January.
Looking at the six geo-political zones with total reported deaths between January and June 2021, the North West had the highest with 1,976, the North East had 1,424, the North Central had 1,090, the South East had 574, the South-South had 406 and the South West had the lowest number, 330.
In the case of kidnappings, 1,405 persons were kidnapped in the North West, 942 in the North Central, 210 in the North East, 169 in the South West, 140 in the South-South, while South East recorded the lowest number of people kidnapped, 77. In total, 2,557 people were abducted in the North and 386 in the South. This also showed that 16 people were approximately abducted per day in the country.
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