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Police use water canon to pursue protesters wey bin gada for Yoruba nation rally for Lagos, southwest Nigeria on Saturday 3rd July, 2021.
Police don deny say bullet kill one 14-year-old girl during di Lagos 'Yoruba nation rally' on Saturday.
So see wetin BBC Pidgin find out.
Lagos State Police say dis tori na "calculated attempt to create confusion and fears for pipo mind".
Tok-tok pesin of di police Olumuyiwa Adejobi say dem no fire one single live bullet for di Ojota rally.
On Saturday, youths bin gather for Ojota area of Lagos mailand to hold peaceful rally.
Organizers dey call for self determination of di Yoruba pipo wey mainly occupy southwest Nigeria.
Organizers of di rally, Ilana Omo Oodua [IOO] dey also allege say:
"A stray bullet wey officers of di Nigerian Police fire allegedly gun down a yet-to-be identified soft drinks seller for di venue of di Yoruba Nation rally for Ojota, Lagos."
Ilana Omo Oodua na di umbrella body of Yoruba self-determination groups.
IOO praise those dem describe as "thousands of di Yoruba pipo wey no send di Police Intimidation and harassment to show dia solidarity."
Di group say "di struggle continues."
Leader of di group na historian and second republic Nigerian Senator, Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye.
'Yoruba Nation' Rally Lagos protester for Ojota on Saturday 3rd July, 2021
Dis dey happun, despite warning from di police say dem no go allow such.
Minutes into di rally, police use water, gunshots into di air and teargas to scata di protesters.
E no tey na im tori comot say one 14-year-old girl wey dey sell yoghurt don die.
According to di tori, she die due to wetin residents describe as 'stray bullet'.
BBC Pidgin tok to one eyewitness wey see di teenager deadbodi, e say:
"E no know how di tin [bullet] hit di girl but im see her dey scream for help.
"Because of di teargas dem no fit go close, at di time everything clear dem find her for ground in pool of blood."
Police dey chase protester
But Lagos State Police Command for statement say di "command no fire live bullet for Ojota rally.
On di issue of di dead teenager Police tok tok pesin Olumuyiwa Adejobi tok say:
"We find di said corpse wrapped and abandoned for distance, far from Ojota venue of di rally.
"Behind one Filling Station, inward Maryland, on di oda side of di venue, with dried blood stains wey suggest say di corpse no dey fresh.
"After close look at di corpse, we see wound wey we suspect say dey sustained from sharp object."
Yoruba nation protesters for Ojota, Lagos
Lagos state Commissioner of Police give reason dem stop di planned Yoruba nation rally.
CP Hakeem Odumosu say na to prevent di breakdown of law and order.
Di Police Commissioner however admit say citizens get di right to protest.
But doing so at di wrong time fit get wrong effect, di police chief for Nigeria commercial capital add.
Odumosu bin dey explain to tori pipo for Ojota, venue of di latest Yoruba nation rally on Saturday.
Police arrest protester for Lagos Yoruba nation rally
E say police just wan dey proactive as di environment no right for protest.
Im further explain say dem get intelligence say some jaguda pipo wan hide under di peaceful protest to cause kasala.
And police no go want a repeat of di EndSars mata wey turn anoda for tin afta jaguda pipo hijack am. E add.
At some point, afta di Police Commissioner tok finish, di protesters begin hala "No going back, Igboho,"
Some wey speak to our tori pesin before dem chase dem comot agree say, in as much police dey try prevent breakdown of law and order, protesters also get di right to protest.
"Na peaceful protest we come do, we no come fight, we no carry gun come," One tok.
"Dis tin na peaceful rally, we no dey fight, we wan to express our self.
"We get di right, na democracy. Goment need to caution us true-true becos of Ends Sars," anoda add.
For anoda pesin dia wey also gada for di rally, im view na say:
"If di CP dey here to guide di hoodlums from hijacking di rally, e dey fine.
"But dem no suppose threaten di citizens becos dem get right to come out to express demsefs.
"Police suppose dey here to protect and secure di citizens." E tok
Yoruba nation protesters for Ojota, Lagos
Rallies to promote di 'Yoruba Nation' campaign don happun for states across di south west region of Nigeria.
BBC Pidgin Observe say for recent months di rallies dey happun every oda Saturday.
On 15 May, hundreds of pipo wey dey clamour for Yoruba nation gada to do peaceful rally for Osun State, southwest of Nigeria.
For April, police scata Yoruba Nation rally wey dem bin wan do for Ibadan, Oyo State capital.
Di Yoruba nation ginger begin loud more recently sake of di palava of di herders-farmers mata wey dey also affect di region.
Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho wey dey lead dis rallies say no going back on dia demand.
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