Pete Edochie recent "bumbum” cosmetic surgery tok dey cause gbas-gbos – BBC

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram/peteedochie
Nollywood actor Pete Edochie
Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie don again stir di winds of controversy on Nigeria social media space.
As e take a stand against women wey dey do cosmetic surgery.
For one video im caption ‘sincerely speaking’ di 72 year old actor [Pete Edochie] say:
Im no understand why most girls dey obsessed wit dis things – im dey refer to body augmentation surgery.
Cosmetic surgery don dey common, as social media influencers, entertainers don constantly flaunt butt and boobs enlargement for social media.
Most of dem tok about how e don boost dia self-confidence.
Despite di controversy around di risk ontop cosmetic surgery, more and more women still dey do am.
“Today e dey difficult to find a girl wey still dey how she be.” Pete Edochie tok for di video im post.
“You wear false lashes, false hair, you wear false boobs, you wear false asses.
I no sabi wetin come dey natural about you, make we dey honest,
I go like make dem insult me and tell me why dey love those things.
Some girls now die wen dem dey try to operate and increase dia bumbum.”
Oga Pete say im no mind make dem insult am sake of dis comments.
“ I don dey used to am.”
Dis no be di first time wey di Nollywood legendary actor don face gbas-gbos sake of im comments and ‘advise’ to women.
Wia dis foto come from, Instagram/peteedochie
Pete Edochie
Edochie bin share one video for im social media page wia im advice married woman on how to handle a cheating husband.
According to him, women wey suspect say dia husband dey cheat on dem need to always put packet of condom for dia husband suitcase.
E say dis go make di husband know say im wife dey aware of dia cheating dis go come make di husband feel guilty.
"If you tink say your husband leave di house and say e dey go out for visit and e dey go get affair outside, put one packet of condom inside e bag; tell am say you don pack e bag for am.
Wen e see am, psychologically, e go tink say dis 'woman get my interest for heart.’ If na im intention to play away, e go put imsef togeda.
For di video, he reference Solomon in di Christian Bible – di Israeli king wey marry 1000 wives and 700 concubines – to advice women to endure a cheating partner
“If your husband dey cheat on you and e now decide to take many more wives, wetin you go do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Pete Edochie tok.
Oga Pete don yan say black man no suppose kneel down to propose to woman becos no be African culture be dat.
“If your husband get down on im kneels to give you ring, wetin e mean for our own culture na say, e don render headship to you.”
Di headship of di family don dey surrendered to you
E also add say for England wia we borrow di kneel down to propose culture, di women owns di house.
If dem get any disagreement, di woman go kick di man out of di house, dis na wetin our girls want to happun to dem.”
Pete Edochie opinions about marriage and women don however divide opinions amongst Nigerians.
Pete Edochie na popular Nolyywood actor wey don get plenti accolades for di roles im dey play in movies.
E start im career for radio as junior programmes assistant for 1967 at di age of 20 before im move up to di level of director.
Im become house hold name for di movie industry for Nigeria afta im play di lead role of Okonkwo for NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe bestselling novel, Things Fall Apart.
Dem born Oga Edochie for Kaduna for March 7, 1947, im grow up for Zaria but leave during Nigeria civil war. Im from Nceje for Oyi Local goment Area of Anambra state for south east of Nigeria
Di ogbonge actor dey speak Igbo, Hausa, Latin, German and French.
Edochie marry at di age of 22 to im beautiful wife, Josephine and dem dey blessed wit six pikins of which two Yul and Linc Edochie na both Nollywood actors.
Di veteran Nollywood actor na strong Catholic Christian.
Ogbonge Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie still dey trend since yesterday for Nigerian Twitter sake of di marital advice wey e give to women wey suspect say dia husband dey unfaithful.
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