Stakeholders urge Federal Government to tackle insecurity, unemployment, others – Guardian Nigeria

The Federal Government has been urged to address unemployment to tackle insecurity in the country, rather than deploying military men and police to fight that causing unrest.
The call was made, yesterday, at the Akinjide Adeosun Foundation (AAF) 2021 Leadership Colloquium and Awards, with the theme, “Visionary Leadership” held in Lagos.
Founder/Chief Executive Officer of Cable Newspapers Ltd, Simon Kolawole, who spoke on “The Enabler of National Building,” said Nigeria would continue to remain undeveloped because of lack of visionary leadership.
He said those who govern the affairs of this nation were elected into power without them having an idea or vision of how to develop the country in the coming years, which is why there are no development in the country.
Simon said unemployment and insecurity were the major problems ravaging the country due to the leadership’s inability to identify the cause of the problems and proffer solutions.
He said unemployment was the major cause of insecurity in the country as many youths graduate yearly without jobs, hence they engage in terrorism, banditry, and other criminal activities.
He, however, advised the government to include unemployment policies when planning to tackle insecurity.
Also, Founder, AAF, Akinjide Adeosun, who spoke on “A Raison De’tre for Building a Great Nation,” said despite Nigeria being blessed with aquatic splendor of the Niger Delta laden underneath with oil and gas, deep intellectual prowess in the Western Region, innovative industry of the eastern Nigeria to the agricultural endowment and alluring durbar of the northern region, the country rides on poverty with diminished hope for the youth.
He said the country does not need a new constitution, but should amend to correct the anomalies.
Speaking on youths’ expectation of visionary leadership, one of the AAF mentees, Ashepeoluwa Oyedepo, a student of Covenant University, said the poverty rate in the country is becoming worrisome with nothing being done to address the situation permanently.
On her part, Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria (FBN), Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, said leaders must have humility and courage to accept what is not working and then seek knowledge through partnerships and collaborations with people and organisations that have the capacity to add value.
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