Sunday Igboho: Nigeria constitution position on top di renewed call for separation by Yoruba freedom fighter – BBC News

Wia dis foto come from, OTHERS
Di recent call for a 'Yoruba Nation' by one Yoruba freedom fighter, Chief Sunday Adeyemo wey many pipo sabi as Sunday Igboho don awaken di calls by South-Western states for Nigeria to join di list of groups wey dey agitate to separate from di kontri.
For inside one video wey dey hot for di moment, e show as Sunday Igboho dey para during one press conference say Yoruba pipo dey everywhere and dia population plenty pass dat of some kontris. Im say make di global community and United Nations come separate di Yoruba pipo from Nigeria as dem no get interest to dey part of Nigeria again before di mata become war.
Im say as e dey now, ''dem no longer dey under Nigeria and if dem no intervene, di mata go pass control.''
Other groups like di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), di Oodua Republic, di Boko Haram Militants dey part of di groups wey at one point don request to separate from Nigeria.
Di agitation of IPOB, wey consist of mostly Igbo's from di eastern part of di kontri don dey as far back as 1967 wen di den military govnor of di Eastern region of Nigeria, Col. Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declare say di Igbo speaking East dey independent from Nigeria.
Oodua Peoples Congress wey dey advocate for independence for di Yoruba speaking southwest Nigeria start dia agitation for 1994, one year afta dem cancel di 1993 presidential election wey M.K.O Abiola, one member of di Yoruba ethnic group win. Dia complain na di alleged marginalisation of the Yoruba ethnic group.
And for 2009, di Boko Haram insurgency start afta di brutal murder of Mohammed Yusuf, one Islamic cleric wey base for Maiduguri bin start im movement seven years earlier to push for an end to corruption and action against inequality. Di group later say dem wan get dia own goment for one area for di North Eastern part of di kontri.
One tin wey dey make group call for independence na di feeling of economic inequality, imbalanced power sharing formular, marginalization, among others.
Under di Nigerian Constitution, no part of Nigeria get di power to form dia own independent goment or 'secede' wey mean separate from di kontri. In fact, di word 'secede' no dey di Constitution.
Part of di 1999 Nigeria constitution wey capture dis mata dey for Article 2, "Nigeria na one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign state wey go dey known by di name of di Federal Republic of Nigeria''. E mean say di only legal way to get di option to separate na through di amendment of di law.
Di only territory wey don comot from Nigeria na di Bakassi peninsula. Dis na because of di territorial disagreement between Nigeria and Cameroon and di International Court of Justice for 2006 rule say di area belong to Cameroon. However, di origin of di dispute na from pre-independence deliberations. So, e no not fall under di constitution wey no allow secession.
Di only real attempt to break Nigeria na di Civil War wey happun for 1967-1970.
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