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The Circle season 5 finale was released on Netflix on Wednesday, January 18 at 3.00 am ET.
Raven Sutton failed to win the gameshow and the $100k prize money despite being nominated as the influencer three times by the other contestants. However, she reconnected with her The Circle connection Marvin Achi, who was blocked in episode 12.
Marvin was seen flirting with Raven throughout the game and host Michelle Buteau even stated that they had the “se*iest messaging” she had ever seen in the history of The Circle. However, Tamira (Tasia in real life) soon revealed that Marvin flirted with her and even called her his “queen.”
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In the finale, Marvin stated that Raven was always his “number one” and the latter mentioned that Marvin had to win her trust back to date her in real life. Later on, Marvin personally apologized to Raven, saying that he “f*cked up” their relationship.
Without her interpreter Paris, Raven told Marvin that he could still “fix it,” implying he could make things right and the two could date in real life. In a recent interview with Parade, Raven mentioned that Marvin had been working on gaining her forgiveness.
She said:
Raven was ranked third in the finale of The Circle season 5, while her friend Sam Carmona won the show.
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Raven fell in love with Marvin during their first chat. The two connected strongly and even formed an alliance with Chaz. Raven saved him from elimination and thought that she was the only one he was talking to. However, Marvin began flirting with Tamira, who arrived in episode 5, and was very sure about her being his “side” romantic partner.
He even won a challenge and took Tamira on a date (by unknowingly choosing her piece of clay art), by which Raven did not seem worried. On the date, Marvin called himself Tamira’s Nigerian king and told her that she was his “only queen.”
Tamira created a girl’s group the very next day and told everyone about the incident. This was when she learned about Marvin’s romantic relationship with Raven and was shocked. The two then publicly humiliated him in an anonymous question-answer round.
He was saved in episode 7 because Raven was not the influencer in episode 8. However, she was able to rank first in the popularity vote in episode 12 and eliminated him as soon as possible.
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In the finale of The Circle, Chaz was confused about making his decision to block someone as the ‘secret super-influencer.’ He decided to block newcomer Oliver but immediately regretted his decision. Marvin was suspicious that Oliver was flirting with him just for the sake of forming an alliance, but that was not the case.
The eliminated contestants met the finalists and were shocked to see Brett and Xanthi, who were eliminated in episode 1 but formed an alliance under the fake persona of Jennifer.
Sam was soon declared the winner of the reality show after the final ratings. Chaz ranked second while Raven came third. Tamira stood in fourth place, while Jennifer came fifth.
All the episodes of The Circle, seasons 1 to 5, are now available on Netflix.
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