The North is bleeding – Killing fields of Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria a Region on Fire

The North is bleeding because we’ve been complacent. We need to wake up from our slumber and collectively acknowledge that we face an existential threat. We must never be shy of speaking about our challenges and then engaging to solve the problems.
Terrorists habitually waylay and burn passengers alive, kidnap Islamiyya and conventional school pupils, murder imams and worshipers in mosques, slaughter innocents in their sleep and incinerate their homes, vandalize and burn harvested crops and farms, and constitute a source of permanent terror. The carnage and terror are unabating. They are spreading out to previously sedate parts of the region.
Fulani Terrorists Killed and raped many in Plateau State Nigeria
A region with such a galaxy of top security captains couldn’t stop the bloodshedding in their own region; how do we expect them to protect the whole country from external attack?
Northern Nigeria, particularly Muslim northern Nigeria, has become by far the most dangerous place to live in Nigeria— and one of the most dangerous places to live in the entire world. Terrorist bandits have almost literally taken over the region.
Northern Nigeria is Bleeding – A woman laments the murder and rape of a friend.
Before the 2015 general elections, North Eastern part of Nigeria wishes nothing less than peace; that was what gave northerners the guts to come out to vote out the then administration of President Jonathan, with an almost certainty of hope that their security problems could be solved, and glory be to God, it was reduced to minimal level for some period of time. 
But as time went on, the security situation deteriorated to the extent that militants are openly giving the inhabitants of some villages the option of paying taxes if they truly want to engage their farmlands in their own “Villages”! How can food security be achieved in such a situation?