UK envoy: Nigeria's security challenges completely overwhelming – TheCable

Catriona Laing, the British high commissioner to Nigeria, says the federal government is facing a “completely overwhelming” security challenge.
She said economic growth and employment opportunities are the “most valuable” ways of resolving Nigeria’s rising insecurity.
Laing said criminal activities would be a viable alternative for those without a job, adding that sustainable employment opportunities are needed.
Speaking during an interview with Arise TV, on Tuesday, the UK envoy expressed worry over the kidnapping of schoolchildren by ransom-demanding bandits.
“I think the government is grappling with this. The range of insecurity challenges that this government is facing is just completely overwhelming. And so I really do understand the challenges they have got, particularly with kidnapping in terms of paying a ransom. We have in the UK — very clear policy not to pay ransoms,” she said.
“Of course, the more you pay, the more likely the cycle repeat. If it was my child, I’m sure this is what I will want to do. I think we have to recognise what parents are going through in this terrible time.
“I think the government is developing a pretty comprehensive strategy which is dealing with the security issues while looking at the long-term ways of tackling it. For example: On the economic side, as I mentioned, where we see farmers-herders conflicts and kidnappings associated with that. The programme of the government still revolving around livestock launching, it is going to be crucial because we have to have means of livelihood of people.
“A sustainable employment opportunity is a way to deal with different security threats. In the south, you see cultists and so on. In the middle-belt, you got this farmers-herders sort of conflict and kidnapping increasingly spreading around the whole country. In the north-east, it is the Islamic State of West Africa.
“If you are a young man without a job, they present to you a viable alternative. Ultimately, economic growth, employment opportunities are probably the single most valuable way to solve this underlying problem.”
The Envoy has said the whole truth concerning the current situations in Nigeria now.