"US Visa restrictions" for Nigeria Election: Travel visa ban for Nigerian politicians sake of Edo, Ondo, Kogi, Bayelsa elections – BBC News

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Pesin wey hold US flag
Di United States goment don sama visa restrictions on some Nigerians wey dem say disrespect democracy ahead of di govnorship elections for Edo and Ondo states.
Dem also sama restrictions on some pipo wey dem say get hand for katakata wey happen during elections for two oda states ; Bayelsa and Kogi for November, 2019.
Dis ban mean say those wey dey affected no fit get travel visa to fly or run go America (US).
Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images
Buhari (left) Trump (right)
Tho dem neva mention who and who dis pipo be, di US goment say dem dey disappointed wit di role wey some political figures play for Edo state ontop accuse say security forces chook mouth for political mata.
One tok-tok pesin for di US state department Morgan Ortagus say di ban show say US dey committed to make sure democracy dey kakaraka for Nigeria.
Dis visa ban dey come just some days before Edo state go elect new govnor on 19 September, 2020.
No be di first time wey di US go dey sama visa ban on Nigerian politicians
For July 2019, di US bin sama visa ban on Nigerians wey dem accuse say dabaru di February and March 2019 presidential and govnorship elections.
Secretary of State say wetin dem do now na additional visa restrictions on individuals for dia actions surrounding di November 2019 Kogi and Bayelsa State elections and di ones wey don dey happun ahead of di September and October 2020 Edo and Ondo State elections.
Dis individuals dem don so far operate wit any hownes alias impunity at di risk of Nigerian pipo and dem no respect di kontri democratic principles.
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