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Our Senate President probably believes calling on God is all that needs to be done to solve the problems that put Nigeria on a hellish path.
In a country where places of worship outnumber schools and companies, it really won’t be absurd to establish a department for prayer warriors as an adjunct to the office of the Senate President, who is constantly calling for prayers.
Besides being the number three citizen of Nigeria, it is now important for the Senate President, Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan to consider himself a spiritual father of the 9th National Assembly.
Nigeria’s Senate President probably believes calling on God is all that needs to be done to tackle insecurity, unemployment, inflation, and other problems that put the country on a hellish path.
This is why the number three politician in the country is never ashamed of charging Nigerians to pray, every time he gets the chance to speak in public.
Only recently, upon his resumption from a recess that lasted for about two months, Lawan, amid rising inflation and insecurity, called on Nigerians to pray for the country.
Lawan is committed to praying Nigeria to greatness. He really wants to see the country rise and walk again like the giant it used to be. But it seems this may not be achieved if we all fail to kneel like camels and pray for the bleeding country to stop shedding blood.
In recent times, no political office holder in Nigeria has reminded us of the importance of prayer being the main solution to Nigeria’s problems like Lawan has done.
In October 2019, when a delegation of Christian Legislators’ Fellowship of the National Assembly visited him, the Senate President said we need to pray more for security operatives to protect us.
“We are in today, the various challenges that Nigeria and its people face, we even need to pray more.
“Today, we face serious security challenges. Where we have security agencies, which are mandated to ensure that we are secured and protected, if nothing, we should pray for them that they are able to perform well,” he said.
Speaking through Ola Awoniyi, his Special Adviser on Media at the appeal fundraising for Pataskum Emirate Central Mosque, Potiskum, Yobe, five months ago, Lawan urged Nigerians “to continue to pray for our leaders that may Almighty Allah continue to guide them as they proffer solutions to security challenges, youth unemployment and for us to continue to assist our people.”
Again, during a plenary session in June, shortly after a motion was moved for a one-minute silence to be observed in honour of the late Pastor T.B. Joshua, the Senate President called on Nigerians to pray, saying Nigerian leaders need God’s intervention to solve the country’s problems.
“The prayers from everyone will be very important and we’ll continue to ask for that.
“God can help us in any way that is possible to overcome the numerous challenges our country is passing through,” he said.
Dear Senate President, Nigerians acknowledge your concern over their spiritual upliftment, but you’re missing the opportunity to create jobs for professional prayer warriors in the country.
Rather than calling on every Tom, Dick and Harry to pray for Nigeria, employ saints and prayer warriors from all religious denominations.
Give them a target and watch them fast and pray for our dear country.
The security operatives fighting insecurity are trying their best with whatever the government has provided for them to engage insurgents. But if you truly believe there’s nothing God cannot do, then you’ve got to commission prayer specialists to do their thing and turn the country around.
To be honest, it’s difficult to pray with our eyes closed in our insecure communities. We really don’t have the prayer point or the verse of the scriptures to call on God to boost the country’s economy when we can’t even eat.
You see why it’s important you give this national assignment to the saints, the prayer warriors and the priests amongs us. Many of us don’t hear from God like they do.
So, dear Senate President, trying to transfer this responsibility on all of us won’t work for this nation. Get your prayer warriors and stop asking us to pray because we didn’t vote for God to fix Nigeria. Thank you!
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