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When Akinwunmi Adesina comot for social media in support of former Nigerian leader Yakubu Gowon, some pipo see am as opportunity to give small history lesson.
Di oga of African Development Bank say Gowon na "man of honour, decency, honesty…" and na ogbonge leader. But dis statement no go down well with some for social media wey begin tok reply wit posts about di Nigerian civil war alias Biafra war.
So wetin concern Gowon (or even Adesina) wit di Biafra war.
Dis na wia we go enter history books for dat answer.
60-year old Adesina, inside im tweet, claim say im sabi Gowon, wey bi former military man wey become Nigeria leader after di 1966 coup d'état wey overthrow di civilian goment then.
Na during di leadership of Gen Yakubu Gowon di Biafra war begin for late 1967.
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For 1967 after Gowon give order to divide Nigeria into 12 states and comot Port Harcourt and make am part of di new Rivers State, on 30 May 1967, Lt.Col Odumegwu Ojukwu respond to Gowon say im and di Igbos go form dia own goment.
Ojukwu call am di Republic of Biafra and e go dey different from di rest of di federal goment.
Na wetin cause di civil war between di federal goment army and di soldiers of Biafra, wey last for 30 months.
During dat period Port Harcourt na di main port wia food dey follow enter many parts for Nigeria, including di eastern region. So e mean say Gowon order no allow food to reach di Biafra region.
Tori be say at least 500,000 civilians (some say millions) na im die from starvation because di Nigeria goment ban foo to enter di eastern region.
Dis fit be why some pipo attack oga Adesina say if to say Gowon na good man as e claim, e for no allow many pipo to starve during di war.
Biafra war: 50 years afta di Nigerian civil war wey many pipo like to forget
Although Gowon later allow Red Cross to carry supplies after plenty pressure from international community.
For 2000, UK release former secret informate wey show say di British goment bin support Nigeria federal goment to wage war against Biafra, because dem fear say dem no see di kontri crude oil touch, if Biafrans control di area wey di oil dey.
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By late 1967, di Nigeria Army don defeat di fighters from di Biafra region, but dia leader Odumegwu Ojukwu manage escape go Ivory Coast.
According to BBC report, tori be say after dem declare end of di war, soldiers from di federal goment begin do anyhow for Biafra, and rape and kill plenty pipo dia.
Gowon give im famous "no victor, no vanquished" speech on 15 January to mark di end of of di civil war and e come give amnesty for many of di pipo wey fight under di Biafra flag.
But officially, di federal goment of Nigeria no torchlight reports of di bad tins wey dia soldiers do to civilians.
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