Yakubu Gowon reply UK Parliament MP wey tok for End SARS debate say im enta dia kontri with 'half of CBN' moni – BBC News

Former Nigerian Head of State General Yakubu Gowon (rtd) tell BBC News Pidgin for exclusive interview say di British MP Tom Tugendhat dey tok rubbish after e accuse am say e take half di central bank of Nigeria after e leave power for 1975.
Gowon say e serve Nigeria diligently and im record dey dia for everybody to see so e no know who sponsor di MP to tok wetin e tok on Tuesday.
"Wetin dat MP tok na rubbish and I no know wia e get am from. I serve Nigeria well for di years wey I dey dia and my record dey dia for all to see."
Di former Nigerian leader say e be no wan tok anything on top di mata as na pipo wey know am well go ansa on im behalf.
"I no wan tok on top dis issue because pipo wey know me know say wetin dat MP tok no be true."
Wia dis foto come from, BBC Sport
Na on Tuesday di British Parliamentarian wey bin dey tok about di End SARS protest bring di issue say corruption na one of di major problems wey Nigeria dey face before e come mention Gowon name as pesin wey collect half of CBN as e dey leave power.
"Una remember when Gowon leave Nigeria with half of di Central Bank before e move come London."
"Even today e get many Nigerians wey don steal from di kontri and dem carry di money come live for UK here." Dis na part of wetin di MP yan.
Gowon rule Nigeria from 1966 to 1975 wen dem overthrow am as e dey Kampala, Uganda dey attend AU summit na from dia e move go England to become student for Warwick University wia e study Political science and International relations.
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